Faulkner State CC

My college career started at Faulkner State Community College in Fall 2009. I majored in general studies and completed all pre-requesite courses. I attended Faulkner for two years and enjoyed my time there. I liked the smaller classes and received one-on-one attention from each instructor. Due to the tight-knit student body, Faulkner allowed me to develop people skills that will help me in the future.

Auburn University

I transfered to Auburn Univcersity in Fall 2011. I was accepted into the public relations program Decemeber 2012 and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Since starting the program, I have deveolped the essential skills that I will need to become a successful public relations practitioner. I am now an equipped writer, effective communicator and more technologically savvy. I am confident that when I enter the workforce, I will be well prepared to succeed because of my rigorous curriculum. Other than gaining academic knowledge, I've learned life lessons that have improved my decision making skills. My experience at Auburn will not only catapult me to my future career, but mold me into the man I am becoming. I am beyond excited to graduate this spring and continue on my path to success.